Week 8/2 at the Open Table

Last wednesday, I spent quality time with my blogger babes, Yellie of theyellowtrail.com and Emjay of everydayemjay.com. (Visit their websites if you please!) We had dinner in this new place in Damosa called, Open Table. It’s a quaint and cozy restaurant where you can have dinner and cocktails. Actually, there are a lot of new restaurants and new hang outs there just waiting to be tested! It will always be a good idea to dine in one of Damosa Gateway’s restaurants because you’ll never run out of choices! It’s like one minute, you could be having your favorite inihaw dish or Filipino comfort food, and be drinking or having dessert the next. So it was no wonder we chose to catch up there, because it’s so easy to hop from one place to another!

Open Table

Triple Trouble at the Open Table

All Black_1
Since it was going to be a ladies night/food trip night, I went with an all black look. You know how black can hide a post-food trip tummy and how black pieces can be the easiest and classiest ones to style. All the black pieces I’m wearing have their own story. I mean, you could tell how different they all are! My jacket has the daintiest pattern, my shorts are tie-dyed and my tank top, well, it’s as plain as can be! Put these three together and it becomes a wonderful mix of formal and casual.

All Black_3

All Black_4
What I love about this all-black look is that I’m not over nor under-dressed; just somewhere in the middle. Also, I love how the jacket somehow pulls the look together. They say it looks expensive but really, it’s for 350 pesos only! And to add a little sass, I went with these white and beige chunky-heeled sandals and gold accessories (as always!).

All Black_5

All Black_6

Thrifted Jacket from Victoria Plaza (I know right?) | Forever 21 Tank Top | Forever 21 Shorts | Vera Bradley Sling Bag | C’NTRO by Centropelle Sandals | Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch


There’s never enough time with these ladies! Til our next food trip!

Much love,

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