Tropical Kanakbai

Every once in a while it’s good to take some time off from our busy routines and spend time with our loved ones. It’s seriously time to enjoy the beach and to put on those summer outfits! And this summer, my family or “the women of my life” (because my family really is all about women more than men) and I decided to spend our summer in Dahican, Mati Davao Oriental. Of the many beautiful resorts or houses to choose from in Dahican, we decided to stay in Tropical Kanakbai because of the peaceful and bohemian vibe of the resort. It’s what our all-girl getaway deserves and more! My aunt was able to stay here previously and said it was an ideal place for a big group or a family. It’s just approximately 9 minutes away from Subangan Provincial Museum (our previous destination) or 5.5 kilometers away. Excitement was building up as we were nearing the resort and when we arrived, it surely did not disappoint. It totally nailed “peaceful” and “bohemian” if you ask me!

I learned that “Kanakbai” means “My Home” in Mandaya and it definitely felt like home. And how can you not live here? The amenities in the villas are complete, from a dining area, to a kitchen and living room area that just exudes comfort, elegance and a homey vibe. Kanakbai is so beautiful that I couldn’t help but take photos of even the tiniest details in the resort!

So here’s an account of our Tropical Kanakbai experience:



Above photo: The first floor living room




Above Photo: (1 of 2) Bohemian Center Pieces


Above Photo: (2 of 2) Another beautiful Bohemian Center Piece


Above Photo: View of our “Habagat” villa from outside



Above Photo: Sunset at Kanakbai




Above Photo: Kitchen and dining area at Kanakbai



Above Photo: (1 of 3) With my Mendez Girls


Above Photo: (2 of 3) With my Mendez Girls


Above Photo: (3 of 3) With my Mendez Girls

View From Kanakbai

 Above Photo: Our morning view at Kanakbai

Rates for their villas are as follows:

Habagat House – 10,000 PHP for the whole house good for 10 people

Amihan House – 12,000 PHP for the whole house good for 10 people

There is no corkage if you bring food or drinks. You can cook your own food in the kitchen too!

I had the most fantastic time with the most important women of my life at Tropical Kanakbai!

 Hope you guys get the chance to visit Dahican soon!



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