Tori’s Weekly Bucket List: Week 4/52

Before week 4 of 52 officially ends, let me share to you the 4 tasks I completed this week. I usually make a list of 5 tasks to accomplish per week but for some unknown reason, 4 activities were just right. My weekly bucket list always consists of simple activities that I don’t normally do on a daily basis. It’s always going to have food trips involved in restaurants I haven’t dined in ever or haven’t dined in in a while, meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in a very long time or friends I haven’t met yet to begin with. The bottom line is, as I say every single week, the simple, feasible yet fun and fulfilling activities are what makes up my weekly bucket lists. So here goes my dears!

#1: Meet Up With Triple Trouble

It’s very funny how my blogger friends Emjay, Yellie and I came up with “Triple Trouble”. It all started in the Laureen Uy event last week. It was also the very first time I met Emjay. Isn’t that just the coolest? When you meet someone for the very first time and you guys immediately click? That’s exactly what happened with Emjay and I. On the other hand, Yellie and I, we’ve known each other for a very long time. We were friends since third grade! And now we’re all blogging together and conquering our blogging dreams together. It’s the most exciting thing!

Cute Jars at Keepsakes

Post-It Notes at Keepsakes

Triple Trouble

So last Friday, we decided to meet again with our former schoolmates for this project we’re working on. We met in this really artsy and cutesy cafe called Keepsakes. It such a cozy place. Anyway, we’re hoping this project works out and becomes a success! #TripleTrouble cannot wait to share this to you guys soon! (Wait, did I just refer to us in the third person? Lol.)

Dessert Heaven at Keepsakes

#TripleTrouble With Gian and Ande

#2: Eat Heart-Shaped Waffles With Yogurt On Top

I cannot remember the last time I had these. The only place to have these delicious heart-shaped waffles is in Red Mango at The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao. I was craving all week for blueberry waffles and yogurt and finally having them was a very happy and satisfying moment for me. I know that sounds a little too dramatic, but it’s food. It’s waffles, blueberries and yogurt! One can never be over dramatic about it!

Heart Shaped Waffles With Yogurt

Treat Yourself Well

At Red Mango

#3: Take Mongo to the Groomers!

There comes a time when I can no longer provide at home my dog Mongo’s grooming needs. It’s nice to know that there’s always a place to go to when I can’t handle giving Mongo a bath and a haircut at a certain time. I’m so thankful that One Fab Pooch comes and saves the day! Plus, they have so many branches in Davao. Leaving no doggie paw left untouched and uncleaned if I might add! I’m so lucky that there are two One Fab Pooch Branches near my home. But my favorite one is the One Fab Pooch Hotel in Araullo corner Tionko Avenue. It’s the most spacious one and has a fitness center where I can have Mongo go on the treadmill.

Cutesy Paw Chandelier

One Fab Pooch Hotel Reception Area

Mongo on the Treadmill

Mongo Waiting for His Turn

Now there’s a clean and fresh-looking Mongo!

A Freshly Groomed Mongo! _1

A Freshly Groomed Mongo!

#4: Spend Time With Your Sisters

This fourth task might be weird for some of you and maybe you’d be like, “But aren’t you living with your sisters?”. The answer to that is, yes. But do I get to spend time with them? Not very often. My sister Rosario is an architecture student, and our youngest sister, Frances is a biology student. In their earlier years in college, we were still able to hang out with each other. Lately they’re both too busy! I could never get our schedules straightened out. But it was refreshing to be able to this weekend. Thank God!

Giardino Gelato With my Sister


So that’s about this week’s activities. Planning for more exciting activities for week 5 of 52!



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