Tori’s Weekly Bucket List: Week 2/52

I’m so excited to share to you my accomplished week 2/52 bucket list! I was so afraid that I might not be able to accomplish my 5 special tasks for the week. It was kind of a hectic week for me but I’m so beyond happy I succeeded. I didn’t want it to seem like my weekly bucket list was just a one-time thing. And I’m happy that I prove myself wrong every single time! Anyway, every week, I make sure that I do something feasible and easy, or you could say “ordinary”, but nevertheless different from what I did the week before. So here are the simple yet fulfilling activities I did over the week:

#1: Color!

Good Vibes Coloring Book

My very close friends, Jenn and Iresha gave me a coloring book last year on my birthday called, “Good Vibes Coloring Book”. Coloring books are all the rage lately. Like, seriously, you could see them all around in book stores, department stores and whatnot. But everyone loves how they were designed to relieve stress and to take your mind off serious matters like work and the bills you have to pay, etc. And it’s fun how you can let your inner creativity shine with every pattern you color!

Coloring: Onwards & Upwards

What I love about this coloring book they gave me is that the patterns themselves are wonderful messages one can live by every single day. There are also quotes on every back page of every pattern, just like this one from the late and ever brilliant Maya Angelou:

Maya Angelou Quote

#2: Have a Bite of Annie Pie’s Triple Dark Chocolate Cacao Brownies With Ganache.

Annie Pie's Brownies

There are absolutely no words to describe how much I’m in love with these brownies. They’re not too sweet, the dark chocolate not too bitter. Everything is just right, and without a doubt a delicious treat with every bite! You should definitely try them. A box of these Annie Pie brownies are worth Php185 only. They’re so good, I can’t wait to get another box!

Annie Pie's Box of Brownie Goodness

Annie Pie's Triple Dark Chocolate Cacao Brownies With Ganache

#3: Find Yourself Some Really Nice Gold Sandals.

Punkberry Gold Sandals

Every once in a while, I try to reward myself with something simple and something I can use every day. When you’re stressed out from work, sometimes it’s good to treat yourself with nice things or go on a retail therapy. (But not every day of course!) I have been looking for the perfect gold sandals everywhere since forever! I checked online and in the malls but never seemed to find a pair that really spoke to me. But just a few days ago, I did! And I found it in Robinson’s Department Store for only Php529! Aren’t they the cutest?

#4: Work on The Nectar Collective’s Bangin’ Blog Business Plan.

As a struggling and trying hard blogger, there are times when I couldn’t get my ideas straight; times when I feel like I shouldn’t have posted this particular blog post on this particular day and times when I feel like I totally should have done so! Because of my frustrated and obsessive-compulsive brain, I started typing on Google, “How to organize your blog posts” and luckily, I stumbled upon this very fun and informative website called The Nectar Collective by Melyssa Griffin. After reading a couple of blog posts on how to organize your ideas, how to monetize your blog and how to create a blog business plan, I was totally hooked! To me, she is my hero and she’s such a genius! I was totally inspired by her blog so I downloaded the blog business plan workbook and started working on it for! I’m hoping and working for things to go the right direction!

How to Create a Bangin' Blog Business Plan

The Nectar Collective - Blog Business Plan

#5: Use the Starbuck’s January 2016 Coupon: One for You, One for a Friend.

Collecting stickers for the Starbucks planner is part of my Christmas tradition. And once I have the planner in my hands, it means having their monthly coupons in my hands too! I believe everyone’s favorite coupon is the January coupon: “One for You, One for a Friend” and the May coupon: “Share the Best of Summer” which is the buy 1 , take 1 frappuccino coupon. I wanted to use this coupon as early as I could because I usually forget that I have them. And so I shared it with my colleague and sis Roshanne. It was a coffee-filled day indeed!

Starbucks January 2016 Coupon

One for You, One for a Friend

That’s about what wraps up my week 2/52.

What was your most fulfilling experience of the week? Tell me all about it!



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