Tori’s Weekly Bucket List: Week 1/52

To make 2016 more memorable for me, I decided to make a bucket list every single week of the year. I know this may come as a challenge but I’m very much excited to look back by the end of the year and see how much I’ve accomplished! I want to make sure that the things that are written on my list are feasible and are very much attainable in a week’s time. So I’ve come to the decision that five weekly activities or tasks should be enough. I sure do hope I get to do all of them!

Tori's Weekly Bucket List
So here it is. This week’s edition of my Weekly Bucket List.

Start reading Daniel Handler’s “Why We Broke Up”.

Why We Broke Up
I bought this book a year ago and never really read it. I was afraid that reading it might jinx the relationship I had at that time. But turns out, not reading it was the cause. Just kidding! Anyway, I started reading it and love every single page! It’s something everyone could relate to. Because one thing I’ve learned about breakups is that they happen all the time. And it’s about how you rise from it all and turn things around.

Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up

I have yet to finish the book though. And I’m beyond excited!

Eat some smooth, melting, luscious and delicious Lindt Lindor Truffles.

2016-01-10 19.28.41

I’ve been craving for these truffles since Christmas! I love how the chocolate almost bursts and melts in your mouth when you pop the fragile chocolate shell. It’s complete magic and love in your mouth! A box of three truffles can cost P72 to P76 pesos. A little pricy if I may say so. But very worth it if you want your cravings satisfied!

Go on a food trip!

Last Thursday, I went to Kalakoa Coffee Hut with my workmates and had all the fries we could eat! We also had smoothies and I got the chocolate and banana combination. What a treat!

Post as least three blog posts this week.

This week I posted the following:

1. How We Can Achieve Our New Year’s Resolutions

2. 1 Dress, 3 Ways: Look 1 of 3

3. Tori’s Weekly Bucket list: Week 1/52

I’m very glad to say that after this post, I have accomplished this fourth thing on my list.

□ (Last but definitely not the least) Do Something You Haven’t Done In A While.

And this thing I haven’t done in a while? See my soul/solesisters of course! It’s the very first time in a long time that we all have seen each other, and complete too! Our schedules don’t really match and it’s been really tough to meet last year. But meet my girls: Jazzie, Chris, Jackie, Vanessa and Sam!

We all had a great time catching up over good food and real conversations! We’re all looking forward to meet again soon.

So that’s my weekly round up! I’m super excited for next week’s list!

How was your week? Hope you get the chance to start your own bucket list!


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