‘Tori Says’ her First ‘Hello’.


I guess you pretty much expected that. But I think what you didn’t expect was that ‘Hello’ came with a wave and a big, big smile because if you see me in person, you’d really think, “Wow, this girl has really big teeth.” But yeah, whatever. I’m happy with them anyway. That’s just one of the things that make me, well, me.

Okay, enough talk about me and my big smile. On the first week of December, I went to this conference with my beloved mother and aunt. It was Bo Sanchez’ Kerygma Conference 2012 with the theme, “Champions, Arise!” What happened that whole day is another story. But I do want to share a very little, tiny, tiny thing that we did over there that meant very, very huge to me (I don’t know if people say that. ‘Very huge to me’ sounds a bit weird but, ‘huge’ is the only word I could think of that I could parallel with ‘little’ and ‘tiny’. LOL.)

So here’s the tiny, quick story. There was this part in the program wherein we were given white flags and we were made to wave them high up in the air, close our eyes, feel the music and surrender all our worries and fears and heartaches to God. It was the most wonderful thing. The next part was, we were asked to take our white flags and write on them our greatest dreams in life in words or phrases. I still have my flag. I wrote four things and they were:

Graduate.                            Blog.                      Be Successful.                   Inspire.

After seeing that photo of my flag, there are probably three questions in your head right now. First, “What happened to your flag?” Second, “Why in the world do you have glow in the dark stickers on your wall?” And third, “Why do you want to blog anyway?”

The answer for the first question would be that it got tangled up somewhere in my room. Sorry white flag. As for the second question, those stickers have been there ever since I was a little kid. They made my nights dreamy and ‘outer-spacey’, if I could say so. Not that any one of you really care (haha!).

Answers to the third question would be too long and maybe would come in another blog post. But the bottom line is, I need a space for my many, many thoughts and this is the space that I chose. I also would love to be able to influence girls out there with my sense of style. Well, hopefully! I have pretty high hopes that people would get to relate to the things that I say which may (and that is a giant ‘may’) lead to the other word that I wrote on my flag: Inspire.

Now this is becoming a very long hello. What I really, really just wanted to say was, “Welcome to Tori Says! I hope I don’t bore you!”

Much Love,


P.S. If you’re wondering why I call myself “Tori”, point your mouse to the “About” section on the menu, click the words “Blog” or “Who’s Tori?” from the drop-down and find out! Well, if you’re that curious.

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