#Throwback: Week 9/52 Bucket List

It’s becoming a habit of mine to post my weekly bucket list blog post every Thursday the following week. I can’t help it when I’m too busy or too tired from work. Somehow, procrastination takes over and I end up delaying my weekly story. I used to post this every Sunday as a week-ender blog post. But I’m never giving up on myself. I know I can do this! Anyway, here’s my #throwback to last week’s activites.

#1: Have your 2×2 ID photo taken

My 2x2 Photo!

The last time I had my ID photo taken was about 2 years ago and I look totally different! I like changing my hairstyle a lot that’s why!

I decided to do this because you’ll never know when it’ll come handy. And it’s kind of because I’ve decided to keep this hairstyle for a while.

#2: Shoot with my blogger babes and Giant Images

My blogger babes Yellie and Emjay, Gian of Giant Images and I have been planning to do a collaboration photo shoot for the longest time. We couldn’t seem to work it out a couple of weeks ago because of our busy schedules but finally, we found the perfect time! There could never be enough time with my girls!

Emjay and Ada


Triple Trouble_1

#3: Post OOTD photos on Instagram for the Samsung Fashion Steps Out – PH to Orchard Road Contest

When Laureen Uy, one of the Philippines’ top fashion bloggers posted about the contest on her Instagram, I immediately decided to join. It would be very much exciting to visit Singapore again on an all-expenses paid trip! Aside from that, the lucky winner will be watching the Samsung Fashion Steps Out Fashion Show with Laureen Uy and be styled by her too!

Since I was doing a shoot with Gian, I decided to have my outfit photos taken with my Samsung phone as well. I thought it might be a plus to have my photo taken using a Samsung mobile phone. But even if I win or not, I would still be happy because I gave it a shot. So here are some of my entries:



#4: Join Snapchat

A lot of my friends have been convincing me to join Snapchat because it’s such an effortless and shameless way to share the highlights of a person’s day. Plus, everything you decide to post or take a video of will be gone in a span of 24 hours. Well, except if you save the snap on your phone of course. I didn’t make a Snapchat account at first because I found it tiring to be managing another social media account. I only have Facebook and Instagram. I never really got the hang of Twitter. So yeah, they were able to convince me and I found it very enjoyable, and shameless as they said! You should try Snapchat too if you don’t have one yet!



#5: Have a beer.

It’s been a while since I had a beer and it’s good to have one every once in a while to let loose. And it’s even better when you’re with your girls! Here’s a photo of Emjay, Ada (the prettiest make up artist) and I in Streets last Saturday night.

It was a busy week full of activities but it was never short of fun! Hope you had fun reading along too!


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