Throwback: Week 6 & 7 of 52

I promised myself that I would make a simple bucket list for each week of the year and accomplish everything on the list no matter what happens! Sometimes though, I neglect to follow my self-imposed deadlines and forget to share what I have achieved for the week. Not that it matters to everyone, and not that I’m really required to do it or not that you really care. But somehow, being able to share what I’ve done each week is like a sharing a piece of myself to the world of which I’m lucky to be a part of. So here’s a #throwback to my simple and fun-filled adventures for the last two weeks:

WEEK 6/52

#1: Eat French Macarons


I understand that these may be far from the macarons served in the French Patisserie Laduree, but I they’re not so bad either! I was really craving for these and decided to get myself some at Annabelle’s in Abreeza Mall. Their macarons are sold at Php33 per piece. It was indeed a sweet, happy treat!

#2: Get Yourself New Books


More often than not, the best companion in the whole world is one, (well if not one, then maybe two) really good books! I guess every bookworm knows that one can never be lonely even when you’re alone with a book. I decided to buy new ones recently that somehow reflected my mood. Lately, I’ve been wondering about what it is I really want to do with my life (yeah, I know right) and when I stumbled upon Francois Lelord’s Hector and the Search for Happiness, I felt drawn to his quest to find the true meaning of happiness. It felt like I was going to read the story of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, which was another one of my favorite books, through another person’s eyes. And let me tell you, I am thoroughly learning and enjoying his quest for happiness.

And, as for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby? Well, who doesn’t love a classic?

#3: See Davao City

What I love about my job as a Lifestyle and Entertainment Executive are the road trips and the beautiful places I get to go to when I go in one of our Davao City day tours. It’s something anyone could call, “perks of the job”. I have a billion photos I’d love to share but these, by far are the highlights and the best parts of the tour:

1. Apo ni Lola (where you can find the best Durian Delicacies!)

2. Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

3. T’boli Weaving Center

4. Habi at Kape




Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

At Lon Wa

T'boli Weaving Center

Habi At Kape

#4: Stop and Smell the Flowers




One of our stops in our day tour was the Puentespina Orchid Garden and trust me, if you want to stop and smell the flowers, this is one of the best places to be!

WEEK 7/52

#1: Have a cup of your favorite chamomile tea.



Someone once said, “There’s a little in life a good cup of tea cannot cure.” Someone also once said, “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea and that’s kind of like the same thing.”

I believe all the “someones” of the world surely know what they’re talking about. I love how tea can calm my nerves after a super tiring day. My favorite chamomile tea from Starbucks always does the trick!

#2: Have some cheezy bacon fries at The Crave Shack

The Crave Shack is kind of like this cozy new place to hang out in Abreeza Mall that serves nothing but the best things in life that almost all of us crave for: FRENCH FRIES. Yes. Fries. I love them. They brighten up an already bright and sunny and beautiful day. Aside from fries, they also serve pasta and sandwiches. But nothing beats a plate full of fries, cheese, and bacon bits. (Yes, BACON. I know you get me).


#3: Spend time with Beatrice.

It’s true when people say that time and distance is nothing when you have a true friend around. I guess what I mean is, no matter how long you haven’t seen a friend, if you guys really are friends, nothing’s ever going to change between the two of you; no gaps, no awkward silences. Just like Beatrice and I!

After three months of not seeing each other, we finally did at Rekado! Rekado serves Filipino comfort food and I’ll say, it’s the best place to catch up with your best friend!

I’m so lucky to have someone like Bea in my life!


Thank you for reading through my happy memories of from a couple of weeks ago!

Hope you guys had a good one too!



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