Throwback: Week 10/52 Bucket List

Week 10/52 was a week I thoroughly enjoyed. From going to yoga classes, eating at an Italian buffet and watching a fashion show. Life gives me so many wonderful opportunities and experiences that I’m so beyond grateful to have. So here’s last week’s highlights:

#1: Take Yoga Classes This Week



I decided to pursue yoga a few years back because I wanted to exercise and be strong. I stopped for a while because of my busy hotelier life but hey, it’s never too late to try again! I really want to work on my extremely tight hamstrings (*sad face*) but I’m glad to tell you that my back is still pretty flexible! So that’s a *Yay!* for me! Looking forward to more classes!

#2: Enjoy the Italian-Filipino Buffet at Seda Abreeza with your colleagues


With my upredictably busy and stressful schedule at the hotel, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I’m always thankful for moments like these. They’re so rare, you can never help but cherish them!

#3: Watch The Nomads/Young Davao Designers Fashion Show



Above photo: One of Wilson Limon’s pieces from his line Niñofranco.


Above photos: Mother and daughter pieces created by Frances Tendencia


The Nomads Davao Designers.

These are just few of my favorite moments of the show. I can’t wait to share some more photos soon!

#4: Wear something gray.


So here I am wearing gray to last week’s nomads fashion show with my blogger babe Emjay!

What a week! Hope you guys enjoyed yours!



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