The Bikini Life

The second we reached our beautiful villa in Kanakbai, Dahican, Mati Davao Oriental, my sisters, cousin and I rushed to get into our bikinis to enjoy the wonderful day at the beach that awaits! As much as fun  as it was being on the road trip, still, nothing beats reaching your destination! The beachfront of Kanakbai is a little rocky but it is a beautiful and breathtaking view in itself, plus it makes a very dramatic background for an #OOTD. You just have to be a little extra careful though!

Rocky Shores of Dahican

Rocky Shores of Dahican_1

Fun in the sun_6

Fun in the sun_5

Kanakbai is just a few minutes’ walk to the main beach with the “I Love Mati” sign and we did not waste time to get there and literally have fun in the sun! My friends warned me about wearing a bikini and swimming in the wavy waters of Dahican because the waves could get a little bit strong in some days and might earn me some cuts from the rocky shores, or worse, I might lose my bikini and never get it back! But with exaggeration aside, the waves were less powerful that day and once you overcome the rocks on the shore, you will feel nothing but the comfort of pure sand on your feet. Well occasionally, you will feel seaweed pass your toes by but you’ll find that you’re braver than you ever thought you were!

Fun in the sun_4

Fun in the sun_3

Fun in the sun_2

Me & My Girls

Me & My Girls_2

The sun was bright, beautiful and surprisingly not painful! It was a day of forgetting your worries and basking in the beauty that nature has to offer. I will always be grateful for experiences like these and for the wonderful world we live in!

Fun in the sun_1

Fun in the sun

It’s been a while since I spent my summer like this! From Eden to Chemas (again) then now in Dahican. I was all work for the past summers but then I realized how important it is to refuel your soul with memories with your loved ones and venture to places you’ve never been to! I decided to make summer 2016 different and the most rewarding summer yet!

Hope you guys do too!

And, if you were wondering, my bikini is from @indiegogophThe top and bottom are priced separately.

Top: 350 PHP

Bottom: 250 PHP

600 PHP is already a good deal for a bikini! It’s hard enough to find a pair these days that’s priced below 800 PHP.

Click on the link for indiegogoph‘s instagram page!

New post on our Kanakbai Villa coming soon!



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