Say hello to the girl who has a lot to say about the world.

Carmela Victoria Olipas, known to a lot of her friends as “Tori” – a nickname she used after being a summer jock and radio talent at Monster Radio BT 99.5 Davao – has decided to leave her habit of “long status update making” on her favorite social networking site and channel all her ideas and all her energy into this blog.

And.. No.

The answer to the question in your head is no.

This blog is not just purely about fashion, or what she wears on a daily basis. Although her wardrobe may cover a huge chunk of this blog, she wants to share a little bit more about her philosophies, what she thinks about life. Or maybe just a bunch of random stuff that runs in that curious mind of hers.

She’s the girl who loves to tell stories!

She wants to tell you about her favorite books, her favorite music, her icons and anything under the sun! You’ll also get a load of her fashion adventures ’cause she’s the girl who’s on a daily quest for the cheapest and most fabulous finds. And to guide you on your own quest for fashion, she’ll share when and where it’s best to shop. She’ll also share to you the cost of her every outfit. It’ll be so much fun!  😉

Follow “Tori”, Carmela’s fun, insightful and opinionated alter-ego as she articulates her random, enriching and sometimes funny thoughts and experiences. And may you freely allow yourselves to relate to every word that she writes.

She’ll never let a moment pass without her having her say. Because in this wonderful, crazy, and often misunderstood world, one just cannot go about without having to say anything.  :-)