Tea Time With Charlie

I fully understand that I missed #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday, but let me go ahead and share one of those incredible moments in life (which happened to me months ago) when you’re set to meet someone for the very first time. So a friend of mine from college messaged me, and asked if I wanted to do a shoot because a friend of his, who was a photographer in Manila was coming to Davao and was looking for someone to shoot (well not literally!). He was going to cover for an event here but wanted to do a little fun shoot after work. And by “a little”, I really mean little! Because it was the shortest photoshoot I’ve ever done, like ever! I was going to get off from work late that afternoon and Charlie, the friend I haven’t met yet, had a flight to catch some time that evening. Talk about a real time constraint! We only had about an hour or two to get to know each other and have the photo shoot at the same time!


Anyway, we agreed to do the shoot at Alley Cat Tea House and I arrived earlier than Charlie. It felt kind of awkward to wait for someone I didn’t know. But the moment he arrived, it didn’t feel awkard at all. For one, I was overwhelmed with the excitement to do a photoshoot, for another, Charlie had this really genuine and friendly vibe about him that made me feel really comfortable. Plus, we had a common friend, Noy, whom, in the first place, connected us and who was sort of our first topic (sorry Noy!). But really, like what Charlie said about this experience in his blog, it did turn out to be a good conversation and a good day if you ask me!


I’m dedicating this blog post to you Charlie. On your seventh year in photography, of pursuing your dream and making it a reality, I wish you more and more opportunities and the drive to continue on capturing beautiful moments! Thank you for having me as one of your muses and thank you for inspiring me to never stop blogging!

To more successes and shoots in the future!

For more of Charlie’s photos and muses visit www.charlieshotme.com

XOXO, Tori

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