#StyleGuide With Laureen Uy

It’s a custom in January that we all look forward to what’s in and new, like in events, the newest adventures to take on in the city, the newest restaurants, the upcoming films we’ve all been waiting for since last year, and we’d also love to find out, especially the ladies, about the most fabulous style and fashion trends that are going to make its way in our wardrobe this year. (Well hopefully, with all of our fingers and toes crossed!) With all of that given, wouldn’t it be extra wonderful to learn about these things from one of the Philippines’ top bloggers and style influencers? (I know ‘influencers’ might not even be a word but it sort of works so anyway..) And I’d love to share to you how lucky I was to be able to experience just that at Laureen Uy’s #StyleGuide at SM Lanang Premier last Saturday.

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With Yellie

With Yellie & Emjay

I went to the event with my blogger friends Yellie of theyellowtrail.com and Emjay of everydayemjay.com. We call ourselves #tripletrouble. (Anyway, that’s a different story.) We were all equally excited to meet Laureen and hear what she has to say. She styled all the models that day and here’s a glimpse of 2016’s fashion trends that will be on every window of every store and hopefully in our closets!

Style Guide With Laureen

Style Guide With Laureen

Style Guide With Laureen_2

2016’s trends are mostly focused on the relaxed and comfortable side of fashion yet with the assurance that it’s still every bit of fabulous. It’s all in the detail of the fabrics and the pieces. Laureen recommended stripes, nudes/neutrals, pleated skirts and comfy cardigans, a little hippie-boho here and there, maxi dresses and of course, denim on denim looks. She also mentioned how 70s fashion has come back with a vengeance! And to achieve these looks, one must always mix old and new pieces together. The art of mixing and matching will always matter my dears!

Style Guide With Laureen_3

By the end of the show and the talk, we had the chance to meet and greet with Laureen on stage. Last year, I also had the privilege to meet fashion blogger Camille Co for the first time and had her sign my planner. I couldn’t help but have Laureen do the same!

Meet & Greet with Camille Last Year

Laureen's Message

Meet & Greet With Laureen_1

Meet & Greet With Laureen_2

I was very excited to meet her and happy when she mentioned that she liked my outfit and noticed me earlier from afar. I guess it’s easy for you to notice how ecstatic I am based on these photos.

Meet & Greet With Laureen_3

Meet & Greet With Laureen_4

All White_3

All White_4

All White_5

Soul Lifestyle Cape Blazer | Cotton On Top | XOXO Shorts | C’NTRO By Centropelle Sandals | Call It Spring Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

I undoubtedly enjoyed last Saturday! Looking forward to more fashionable events to come this 2016!



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