One Grey Saturday

When it’s holy week, my family usually prefers to stay home instead of going out of town. It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s just that my mom loves to cook awesome and delicious food that we find it hard to to leave the house! Aside from that, most of the malls and restaurants are closed. There’s literally nowhere else to go! But this Black Saturday, I decided to go out and spend time with my best friend at her place. We haven’t seen each other in ages! And she’s still as bubbly and radiant as ever! Beatrice has always been my best friend. She’s like family to me. I’m just so happy to see her again!



Beatrice and I agree on so many things and two of these things are fashion and OOTDs. Lately, I’ve been dressing myself with lots of neutrals, mostly grey pieces. And this maxi dress is something I particularly love. I had to ask her to take my photo! Trust me, she doesn’t mind at all because I would do the same thing for her! And we totally understand this crazy, fashionable part of our lives that all other girlfriends out there would! Spending time with Beatrice and watching Insurgent with her and having her take my OOTD were just among of the highlights of my Black Saturday. It was quite a long day for me, pretty exhausting if I might add, but I didn’t mind at all because I was super comfortable in my outfit!






Hope you guys enjoyed your Black Saturday as much as I did! Mine’s a little grey though but who cares?



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