Mongo and New Year’s Resolutions

It’s 8:06 pm and right now I am seeing my dog Mongo trying to rub his reflection off of this really big box covered in gold foil where our Christmas tree stands upon. He rubs and rubs and rubs it with his cute little paws and for some reason all the rubbing reminds me of that Downy commercial people are so crazy about. I’m just kidding though.  😉

Cute little Mongo with his tongue out

Cute little Mongo with his tongue out

Seriously now, just like my cute little Mongo, we people try our hardest to rub off or erase images of our past selves and experiences and pretend like they never existed or never happened. Most of the time we think that it’s the best way to move on and start a new chapter. But what I’d like to believe is that before we can completely move on, we have to look back at all of these things every once in a while because learning from our past mistakes, from our past selves, is the best way to grow and fulfill the change that we want in our lives. I’m not saying that we should constantly dwell in our past. That’s just completely bad for a person. One must always maintain the right balance of things.

I guess that’s why we make resolutions. We make them because one way or another, we want to change. We always want to be better so we can finally say we’ve moved on. But there are a lot of people (including me, I admit) who say this line every time the New Year approaches, “There’s no use for resolutions. They never really happen.” We always make promises for ourselves like:

“I want to be thrifty this year.”

“I want to be kinder to my siblings.”

“I want to be a better daughter or son.”

“I want to get higher grades. “

“I want to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend.”

“I want to make my room a cleaner place I want to come home to.”

“I want to be open to love.”

“I want to move on.”

“I want to stop my alcohol or smoking addiction.”

“I want to stop listening to Justin Bieber.”

And here comes the next line, “I REALLY WANT TO. BUT GUESS WHAT? IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN STILL!” (But I hope the last one gets fulfilled though. To whomever that resolution possibly belongs to! Haha! Sorry J-Bieb fans.)

I know, it’s hard. Like, are you freakin’ kidding me? Keeping your promises to yourself and making your resolutions happen is not a piece of cake, not marshmallows and rainbow candy sprinkles on your sundae, not add-ons to your milk tea, and certainly not the vanilla frappe on your latte! Now I just made myself hungry. Lol. But you get what I mean.

After all that food I mentioned, I’ve come to realize that in order to achieve our resolutions, we have to carefully construct them and think of ways to make things possible for us. Here are some guidelines I’ve come up with:

  1. Make it realistic and feasible! (Fourth year college students, I know you get it. Haha!)
  2. Make is simple and clear and include why you want to do it! For example, “I am going to change my penmanship to print once and for all so I won’t see any red marks on my philosophy essay telling me not to write in all caps.” Now isn’t that simple and clear?
  3. Create an image for it. Like for me, it can be in the image of Adam Levine kissing me on the lips or I can equate it to meeting Coco Rocha and shaking her hand (I’d be so happy if that happens, I might faint!). These images can motivate you to achieve your goals! But don’t copy my images! That’s cheating!
  4. Set a deadline for yourself. Get a black, broad-tip marker and plain or colored paper, and write, “On this date, I must have done this (insert resolution here).” Or maybe, “I must have stopped doing this by (insert month/date here).” And don’t forget to post it on your wall somewhere in your room! But fine, if you have a smart phone, or an iPad or tablet, you can post it there. But if I were you, do both! Well, to be sure.

When you’re done constructing, bear in mind and take to heart these 6 words:

  1. Patience – and a whole lot of it!
  2. Trust – trust in yourself that you can make your promises happen.
  3. Discipline – you’ll never attain your goal if you keep on tolerating the wrong things you’re doing.
  4. Commitment – I know it sucks to force yourself to do things but if you want the change to take effect then you’re going to have to stay committed to your goal.
  5. Will – one of these days you’ll think of giving up on yourself but you got to keep on fighting the temptations to go back to the person you used to be!
  6. Attitude – stay positive and remind yourself that this is something worth doing because it will be good for you.

Oh and by the way, I am no expert when it comes to resolutions. It’ll also be a constant trial and error for me. I’m just laying my thoughts out here and hope we could learn from each other. Let me know what you think and leave a comment!

I almost forgot. Happy New Year from me, my sisters Rosario and Frances, my cousin Isabela and my doggie Mongo with lots of confetti and glitters! And may we create better images and better versions of ourselves on this year 2013!  😀


Much love,


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