Love ko ‘to | Party in the U.S.A.

Okay, the answer is, no. McDonald’s wasn’t crazy enough to call me and ask me to be their new spokesperson or model for their variety of McFloats. This day just happened to be a sunny day spent with friends who were as bored as me. But just look at how productive this day went after all!

My favorite photographer Iresha Generalao, my favorite layout/graphic artist Jennifer Corda and my best friend/sister in the whole world Beatrice Ong decided to drop by at my house and make summer on our street look like summer at some California beach! Or so we think. But we were close enough, weren’t we? Nahh. But what the heck?

Check out this next photo! It’s my pretty girl Jenny! 😉

And look at who decided to play with my little doggie Mongo! Hello there Reshie and Bea!

I completely had no idea what I was going to wear for the shoot. But as soon as Beatrice arrived at my house, I knew. She was wearing the exact same U.S.A. cropped flag top that was in my closet! Well, it was just in my closet but it was my sister’s (Yes, again!). So yeah, we thought it would be fun wearing the same top for the shoot. And fun it was! Plus, Iresha was so brilliant at capturing our favorite moments. I love you Reshie!

I loved how that day turned out to be a typical friends-day-hang-out type of thing. And what’s the best typical snack for a typical friends-day-hang-out? McDonald’s! Yes? We ordered McDonald’s online and all the food just made our day even better! I ordered my favorite drink – the McDonald’s Green Apple Monster Sprite Float. God, I love saying that! It sort of instantly became part of my wardrobe. And I must say, it was a nice touch! Talagang love ko ‘to! 😉

^ One of my favorite photos!

^ This one too!

Check this sequence of photos out! Hee. Hee.

Yeah, right. That “Oh stop it you” look. Lol!

That day was just about fun, friendship and feeling the moment! Anyone can never have enough of these. It’s kind of like, at some point we all wish that everything would be about fun, but sadly, it’s not. But don’t sweat it! We can all have a dose of fun every once in a while. And I’m glad my friends and I had just that. 😉

This isn’t the first photo shoot I’ve had with my best friend Beatrice Ong and with Resh as our photographer. Resh just knows our best angles! I would love to blog about the shoots we’ve had in the past few years we’ve all known each other. To write about that is now on my to-do list. Yipee!

I know you’re not wondering why I also gave this blog post the second title “Party in the U.S.A.”. With a McDonald’s float in hand, and girl next door getup, it’s perfectly understandable!

By the way, thank you for dropping by and helping us, I mean Resh out, Brian! 😉

How about you? What are the simple moments and things that you love?

Much love,


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