Hello Again, Chemas!

I’ve got weekends off twice in a row and I’m super ecstatic! Last weekend I went to Eden nature park with my family (read about it here) and this weekend I went to Chemas by the Sea (again!) with my sisters. We love Chemas so much because it’s the most accessible and one of the prettiest beaches Samal Island has! We couldn’t help but come back!

Chemas by the Sea

More Flowers at the Beach

With my sisters_1

The last time we visited Chemas was last November 2015. I was with my sisters Rosario and Frances, our cousin Bel and our family friend, Aryssa. (Read about it here.) This time around, it was just me and my sisters. We’ll all get to bond very soon though! What excited us to go back to Chemas was its white sand and clear blue waters. Plus the interiors are unique and makes you feel like you’re not just 20 minutes away from Davao City. It’s definitely one of our favorite places.

Villa at Chemas



The Beach Life_3

The Beach Life_2

This place called for a yoga tree pose. So here I go!

The Beach Life_10

The Beach Life_9

We weren’t able to go swimming as much as we could the last time we were here because it rained and it was too cold for a dip! So we made sure we did for this sisterhood getaway. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go swimming in in a perfect day like this?

The Beach Life

The Beach Life_5

The Beach Life_6

Some people who were in the resort that time might have thought we were crazy because we took too many photos and kept on laughing together. That’s totally one of the purposes of being in a summer getaway with your sisters in the first place! Well, for us that is. Overall it was both a fun and peaceful time at Chemas. They certainly did not disappoint!

The Beach Life_4

The Beach Life_1

With my Sister Rosario

With my sisters

With my sisters_2

Flower at the Beach

The Beach Life_8

The Beach Life_7

Hope you guys had an awesome Labor Day weekend!



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