The Queen’s Guard

I know, I know. Weird title is weird. But it ain’t going to be anymore once you see my outfit! The red blazer, the navy blue skirt and the tan oxford peep-toes make me a close enough look-alike of a Queen’s Guard. You know those guys who guard the Buckingham Palace in London, without a trace of emotion on their faces? Yes. They are also those guys you saw on an episode of Mr. Bean whom Mr. Bean tries so, so hard to annoy but sadly cannot.


But I’m not like those guards! I’m very expressive and it’s sort of hard for me to hide any emotion from my face. If I’m happy, I’m happy. If I’m puzzled, you’ll see I’m puzzled. *Winks* But even if I closely resemble the Queen’s Guard, I still think the colors of my outfit are in the spirit of the holiday season!


Christmas day – I think – is just the perfect time to rock the gifts that the very special people in my life gave me. I wanted to go for a casual but at the same time classy look. To add a hint of class I wore this gorgeous red blazer I got from my Tita Leanette.


At first look you may think I got this from a store or maybe ordered it online or something. But for those of you whose parents or who have relatives who worked or still works at Coca-Cola Davao, this blazer may probably look familiar to them. I can’t believe that something that looks as chic as this was once used as their uniform years ago! And what’s a girl like me got to do? Wear it like I never even told you that it was once a Coca-Cola blazer! Pretty cool isn’t it?


After going to mass and having a marvelous lunch (Seriously, it was really marvelous thus, the adjective. Haha!) with my family, we went for a stroll at the mall. I was going to buy gifts and shop for my friends so I decided to change my outfit up a little bit. I just couldn’t stand walking around for hours wearing a tight skirt and 4-inch heels. I might die!


Tada! (Not my missing head, silly! Concentrate on the difference! Lol!) Now I just love these pair of beige shorts. It was a gift from my Tita Lina two Christmases ago (I think). Such a classic piece that you can wear over and over again in different outfits!


These are my favorite Solemate sandals from SM. They’re so light – perfect for a day of strolling and shopping around the mall. I love Solemate sandals. You get fabulous sandals with good quality at an affordable price. Now don’t mind my red feet. Those shoelaces were constricting! But I love my heels anyway. I might have changed my outfit a bit but it still looks cohesive to me!


Necklace made by my Tita Lina, Sling Bag from my Tita Lina, Maroon studded bracelet from my friend Sam and tribal bangles borrowed from my little sister.

How about you? How did you spend your Christmas day? I would love to hear from you!

Much love,


P.S. Here are the pieces in my outfit I spent on:

  • White Tank Top – from Jockey for Php 174.95 (but you can still get tank tops for a cheaper price!)
  • Brown Oxford Peep-Toes – from a night market in Cagayan. Got it for Php 200
  • Twisted Copper Wire Bracelet – from Abreeza for Php 50
  • Solemate Sandals – from SM for Php 399.75

Total amount I spent on: Php 824.70

Outfit shots by Iresha Lou Generalao.

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