Diamonds & Denim #OOTN

It’s my third Christmas for the company I work for and this year, they decided to take our Christmas Party to the next level. This year’s party is called “A Diamonds and Denim Affair”. It was going to be about turning the typical denim or jeans and shirt combination into something formal, fashionable and of course, fabulous!


At first, the theme came across as a challenge to me because I have such a rocky relationship with denim. If you may have noticed, I don’t wear pants very often. Good thing I have two sisters who, if I may say, are so in love with denim and who have a stable relationship with it! Every single time I am left with no choice but to wear jeans, their closet comes as a hero with an endless supply!


Now that I have the jeans problem sorted out, the next challenge for me was elevating the typical denim look. So how does one go about elevating denim? #ToriSays choose a darker blue denim, pair it with a collared denim top, then top it off with a white cape blazer, some sparkly accessories and metallic heels and you’re all set!




Uniqlo Denim Top | Punny Skinny Jeans | Soul Lifestyle Cape Blazer | SM Accessories Necklace and Cuff | Anne Klein Watch | Mags Metallic Heels

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