Day Two – Summer at Eden

Hello to day two at Eden Nature Park and Resort! Because we weren’t able to go swimming when we arrived the other day like we planned, a dip in Eden’s cold spring water swimming pool was the first thing on our list after breakfast that morning.

While waiting for our food to be served, we took a little detour to the playground and tried our very best to mingle with the one peacock that was there, and the numerous peahens he was trying to impress. But because we weren’t Mr. Peacock’s type, and because it was kind of clear that it wasn’t us he wanted to mingle with, we thought it best to take a step away from him and have fun on our own. Sorry for disturbing you Mr. Peacock!

After being our 8-year-old selves at the playground, it was finally time for breakfast! I ate some papaya before proceeding with the eggs and corned beef. I found it unusual that the papaya was topped with calamansi or lemon. So I didn’t eat it with the lemon. It was only after breakfast that I decided to try it. And it was the best part of breakfast indeed! It added a more pleasurable flavour to the papaya. I’m sorry for being so ignorant about this but it made me really happy!

Finally, finishing our meals, it was time to hit the pool and boy was it pretty! And cold too! We were like at the highest point of the resort. If you were there and didn’t feel the cold just even one bit, then you’re probably not human! Lol.

Upon arriving by the pool side, we did what normal people do – take numerous pictures! It was a good thing that our resident photographer, Vanessa Bravo, brought her tripod with her. That way we wouldn’t be fussing about who isn’t there in some of the photos. It was pretty cool actually, you know? Smiling, posing and waiting for the self-timer to finish? It’s pretty cool. (Haha! Okay Tori, okay.)

The pool was a lot of fun and we got to bond and tease each other more. But we had to get back to our duplex and freshen up like the pool didn’t fresh us up enough. Good thing we had two rooms, which meant two bathrooms. What a time-saver!

Now that we were all dressed up and had packed all our things, the moment to bid our house goodbye had also come. And we damn well made sure we had a remembrance of our cozy little place, which we had once called our own for two days and one night.

Sure, we bid our Vista Duplex goodbye, but we weren’t ready to say goodbye to Eden itself. We took our sweet time and took the risk of losing our poise on the Indiana Jones! It was so beyond fun!

If you’ve been on the famous rope ride, you know the feeling of almost losing your soul when you reach the other side. You bounce real high, almost as if you’re breaking free but you’re not because you know if you’ll let go of that rope at the end, you’ll probably decapitate yourself.

~ Me, cheering for Sam from afar because stupid me decided to wear heels!

This was our friend Sam’s fear. She wouldn’t dare get on the Indiana Jones and would insist that she would only watch us have our fun and take our pictures. But of course, since we’re her true friends we found it just right to force her to get on the thing. She was so hesitant! We even promised we’d ride the Indiana Jones alongside her even if I freaking wore a dress and heels! But we were so good at forcing her, she finally tried it and had the time of her life.

~ Still, I decide to join her anyway!

Since then, the need to force her was lost. Yipee! Clap! Clap! Our pretty SoleSister Sam is now brave enough! Good thing Vanessa’s driver, Kuya Tals, was there to take Sam’s place as our photographer.

After losing it at the Indiana Jones, it was time to have a quick photo shoot, still care of our loyal photographer/driver for the trip, Kuya Tals!

I will definitely miss these moments. I guess that’s why I’m trying so hard to chronicle them so I can look back every once in a while. I will miss my girls! These will always be the memories that will forever warm my heart.

~ Jump shots. We try so hard.

“Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count the miles, it is measured by the heart. Friends by heart, sisters by soul.”

~ Group hug!

I hope this blog post inspired you to visit Eden! Lol. I mean, seriously though, I hope this blog post inspired you to treasure and celebrate your friendships! 😉

Much love,


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