A Funny Promise

Remember my lengthy previous article “Mongo and New Year’s Resolutions”? I recall mentioning in that article about making New Year’s resolutions realistic and feasible for them to be achievable (Yes, I am putting my rhyming skills to the test! You know, feasible – achievable? Okay, bye. Lol.), and also making them as simple and clear as possible. To further explain what I meant, I gave this resolution as an example:

“I am going to change my penmanship to print once and for all so I won’t see any red marks on my philosophy essay telling me not to write in all caps.”

Back in high school, my hand writing underwent a series of what I’d like to call, “The All-Caps Evolution”. (Yes, that New Year’s Resolution right up there is mine!) Anyway, the reason why I call it like that is because my all-caps handwriting underwent a lot of changes until I reached my idea of what was the perfect all-caps handwriting. But alas! I felt the need to change it now that I’m graduating from college! Pretty nice timing for me or what, huh? I just couldn’t stand the thought that after all these years the way that I’ve been writing my handwritten essays weren’t proper, or that I’m a twenty-year-old who didn’t learn from any of her penmanship classes when she was in preschool.


So what’s an obsessive-compulsive like me got to do? Practice her new penmanship of course! Here’s a peek of my progress so far:


To make it more fun for me I took out my favorite My Gel colored pens. I have them in pink, green, sky blue, red and black of course! They give me so much inspiration and motivation to fulfill this resolution of mine.


Don’t you just love color?


My right hand really hurt after I filled one full page of an intermediate pad. That is so grade school I know. Or middle school. Or secondary school. Whatever. Too lazy to Google as of the moment. But it is what it is, whatever it is!

Although there are times when I unconsciously go back to writing in all-caps (old habits die hard you know!) no matter how hard I try to remind myself of my new rule when it comes to writing, I still push myself to do it because I promised myself. And the bottom line is I can’t cheat on myself!

How about you? Having a hard time with your resolutions too? Or are you nearly successful already?

Let me know and leave a comment down below!

Much love,


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