A Day of Adventures at Eden Nature Park

Every once in a while I get two days off from work in a week. Unlike you lucky folks out there, it rarely happens to me and when it does, I treasure these days more and make sure I spend it the best way I can. It’s been quite a long time since my last adventure with my family. It was probably back in 2013 when we went to Universal Studios Singapore. Talk about that being almost three years ago! Everyone just seemed to be very busy after that – my sisters with school and my parents and I with work. But it’s seriously time to take a break. It’s summer after all! So we decided to go somewhere where we could experience an adventure for a little while without hopping on a plane to another city. Just 45 minutes to an hour away from Davao City proper, is Eden Nature Park and Resort. I’ve been here quite a lot before but every now and then they add something new and exciting to the place that make people come back every single time.

I Love Eden

At Eden Nature Park With My Girls

Selfie With my Sister Rosario

With My Sisters

There were so many things my family and I wanted to try in Eden’s attractions and among these were: (1) The Sky Cycle; (2) The Sky Swing; (3) The Sky Rider; and (4) Horseback Riding. Too many people were lined up for the sky swing and we weren’t able to reach before cut-off time which was sad. But that certainly didn’t stop us from trying everything else!

Eden's Sky Rides

Eden's Sky Swing

High Up with my White Sneakers

With my mom and sisters

It was my first time on the Skycycle and it was definitely scary at the beginning when they open the gates but once you’re out there, it feels like you’re sight-seeing while gliding through the air. It’s totally safe too so you don’t have to worry about falling! And because we couldn’t go on the Sky Swing that time, we bought combo tickets for the Skycyle and the Sky Rider which was worth Php300. I enjoyed both rides so much, I wished the cables were longer!

The Clouds are Within my Reach

Best view of the clouds!

Getting Ready to go biking in the air!

My Sister & I on the Skycycle

(Above photo featuring my not-so-sexy back. Lol!)

The Skycycle

Making it on the Skycycle!

The Sky Rider

Eden's Sky Rider

After the adrenaline rush in the sky, we decided to relax a little bit and try horseback riding. It’s yet another first for me! With 2 rounds in the horse trail for only Php85, it was surely worth the try!

The Horse Trail

Horseback Riding!

First Time on a Horse!

It's my turn on the horse!

There’s a lot of walking involved during our fun time in the resort and I was so glad that after all the activities, I had the time to just sit on the grass, watch people pass by and just breathe in the fresh air. Trust me, they have a lot of it there at Eden!

Where Grass is Green_1

Details of my #ootd

Where Grass is Green_2


Forever 21 Tank Top | Forever 21 White Sneakers | Mango Pebbled Tote Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

What a fulfilling day spent with my loved ones in a resort that offers so much more than what meets the eye! Hope you guys get the chance to visit Eden soon. You have to! Here’s a glimpse of their day packages by the way!


For more information on their day packages and overnight packages, visit:


Hope you enjoyed reading this post just as much I enjoyed writing it!

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